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IMC Marks™ provides quality Marking Products for Industrial, Manufacturing, Construction, Instrumentation, and Specialized uses. Powerful Marking Products for Professional Applications including: identification, measurement, direction, and quality control marking needs. IMC Marks™ has Markers, Chalks and Crayons proven to provide bright permanent and semi-permanent marks on hot, cold, wet, dry, oily, or dirty materials.

IMC Marks™
The only marker with OTM™ technology!

Industrial Markers for manufacturing, construction, instrumentation and other uses. Industrial Markers for glass, plastics, metal, wood, lumber, rubber and more.With our exclusive “On The Mark” technology, IMC Marks™ markers are engineered, produced, and tested at a standard that is second to none!

IMC Marks is committed to producing and providing superior professional marking products. Our markers are specifically formulated and produced from the highest quality paints, pigments and materials engineered to make bright, clear marks.

Be confident in making your mark on any surface, under any conditions, any temperature, any time! At IMC Marks we believe that value begins by using the proper tool, therefore our idea of technical support is hands-on application analysis. We not only match the appropriate marker, crayon, or chalk to meet your needs, but we do it with higher quality, better value, and innovative design - that is OTM™ technology, found only at IMC Marks™.

Our goal is simple, to provide superior marking products for your applications.

IMC Marks™
markers, crayons and chalk

It is common to use the term marker, crayon or chalk interchangeably, but there is a big difference.

MARKERS: Use either paint or ink
is a solution composed of suspended pigments which must be mixed prior to use to make a permanent durable coating that is UV resistant and available in a wide range of colors, light to dark,

Ink: Is a solution composed of dissolved dyes that are permanent and dry instantly but are not available in light colors (like white) and are not UV resistant.

CRAYONS: Use either wax or clay as a base
Either wax or clay bases are mixed with ground pigments which are somewhat UV resistant, available in a wide range of colors from light to dark. Temperature sensitive.

CHALK: Chalk mixed with dye
Chalk is a very economical marking solution for temporary marks. Marks wipe off and are not available in dark colors (like black) and are not UV resistant.

Industrial Markers, Chalks and Crayons for marking on all types of surfaces. Permanent and Semi-permanent heavy duty markerswhat it means to be green at IMC Marks™...
...marking solutions with eco-conscious!

 IMC Marks™ meets the demands of today's application challenges and increasingly stringent global regulations with continuous product evolution. Our strength lies in bridging the gap between performance and strong solutions.